Top Tips for Roommates

Living with a roommate for the first time can seem overwhelming and a little bit scary. It’s usually a big change for everyone involved and it can take time to make things work. But don’t worry! Your Residence Life Team have all been in the same situation, and together, we have compiled a list of tips that helped us the most when we were living with our roommate.

So whether you’re going through a rough patch and need some guidance, or whether you already love your roommate and are looking for ways to improve your friendship further, we are here to help!

Check out our top 10 roommate tips that will help make your Residence experience amazing!

Start a conversation on Day 1!

Start your residence experience on a good note and start a conversation with your roommate. First impressions are important to make sure you make the best one you can. 

Click here to download a Roommate Contract to fill out together.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

The most important tip is to communicate with your roommate. Talk to them face to face whenever something is bothering you and keep the option to talk open. If you have something important to talk about, post it notes and texts are NOT going to work well.

Sharing is Caring

What are you going to share and what is off limits?  Items like toasters, kettles, coffee makers, and anything else in a common area that you’d consider sharing should be discussed. Discuss what is an option to share and also the expectations around sharing (keeping it clean and in good condition, when it can be used, etc.)

Taking Out the Trash

One of the main sources of tension can come from roommates not taking out the garbage. A good way to avoid this is for each roommate to have their own bedroom garbage. Do not play the garbage test. If you feel your roommate has not taken it out, have a conversation with them.


Talk about visitors, and how they are to act in your room. It is good to talk about things like privacy, how another person can affect that, and when can visitors stay, how often visitors can come over.

Party Time!

Before starting your experience, you should try to get on the same page with your roommate about what you want Residence to be. Complete your roommate agreement and discuss when it is appropriate to make noise and when is it preferred people are quieter.

Getting Up vs. Sleeping In

This will be useful around planning when visitors can come over and when being quieter would be more considerate. This would also help with mornings, as keeping quiet while your roommate is sleeping is something to consider.

Do Not Disturb

It would also be important to talk about what would happen if one of the roommates starts a relationship and how often their partner may come over. It’s important to talk about what is considered PDA, how to notify each other when you may want some time alone, and how to give notice when a partner would be over.

Study Time

Talk about when you will want study time with your roommate. Set times where you and your roommate can study and times where that won’t be an option.

Turn it Down!

Volume on devices. What is too loud, what is okay? Set clear volume expectations with your roommate so no one is disturbed.

Still struggling?

If you have tried all of these tips and things still aren’t working out, your Residence Life Team can help you. Use the button below to find out more.